Branding is more than logos and stationery. Sure, successful branding is when your customer recognizes what they see as your company. But it is so much more than that. Branding is also about how your product makes people feel. Customers are more educated than ever, and that presents a challenge to any brand. Customers already know what your product contains, how it stacks up against the competition, and where to get your product at the best price. What they want to know is what does the company stand for? What issues and projects does the company support? Does the company really know the audience and how is the company tailoring the product to meet the needs of that audience?


Experiential marketing is the new trend in customer outreach. This type of marketing is 100% focused on the customer's experience. The goal of experiential marketing is to leave the customer feeling that the brand identifies with them, cares about what they care about, and creates a lasting, positive memory when the product is seen on store shelves or online. 


Branding Alliance has been focusing on experiential marketing, even before it became a trend. 

  • Our team was the first to install a beeper system for a visit to Santa at a shopping mall, allowing the customer to roam about the mall instead of being stuck in line for hours.

  • We worked with Walt Disney World Resorts on the Pack Your Bags promotion and contest, which found lucky winners whisked away to the Resort for an impromptu weekend getaway with only an hour to pack.

  • Starting in 2015, the Branding Alliance team coordinated the vendor program for the KISS Country Chili Cookoff, delivering samples of food and drinks to concertgoers by the thousands. 

  • While visiting the Pointe Orlando, shoppers who need a "Lyft" can head to the Lyft Lounge and see the branding on charging stations for electronics, seating areas to wait for their ride, and reserved parking spaces for the drivers so wait time is limited.



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