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Florida Registered Agent


For businesses in the state of Florida, it is required that you have a dedicated Florida registered agent. A registered agent serves to be available during business hours to physically receive any and all legal documents that arrive for your company. These legal documents, or service of process, are received by your Florida registered agent, and once processed, are forwarded to your company.


Branding Alliance offers registered agent services for the state of Florida, providing a valid legal address where the service of process (SOP) documents can be served. Once SOP documents are received by Branding Alliance, the documents will be scanned electronically, indexed, and delivered to the business owner within 24 hours of receipt. Branding Alliance makes doing business in Florida as seamless as possible.


Branding Alliance’s Florida Registered Agent services include:


  • Receipt of any and all official and legal documents

  • Alerts each time we receive a document for your company

  • Accurate record keeping of all transactions

  • Indexing and scanning of documents within 24 hours of receipt


Choosing a reliable agent is an important decision. Here are a few reasons to select Branding Alliance as your agent:


  • It’s time-consuming to keep up with the state’s required paperwork

  • You do not have a physical address in Florida

  • Your address changes frequently and Branding Alliance has maintained the same address for the last 15 years

  • Utilizing Branding Alliance protects the privacy of your home address. If your business is based out of your home, your registered agent’s address will be listed on public records instead of yours.  

  • You prefer private business activities.  Branding Alliance will act as the legal front door of your business.  If your business is served with legal documents, it will not disrupt your customers or clients. 

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