Full Fledged Member of the Gig Economy

I have spent years working for some very successful corporations in the United States. It’s been a great opportunity to learn the “ins and outs” of how large corporations run. I’ve had lots of training and seen progress in my own professional development in a variety of skills. I am appreciative of these corporations because I learned so many managerial and operational skills on their time and dime. Still, I have taken the leap into the Gig Economy. No, I am not a musician and really “gigs” are no longer just for them!

The new Gig Economy is thriving and driven by highly skilled professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, photographers, marketers, gardeners, and chefs. Not familiar with the term Gig Economy? It is a professional who will work for other companies on a project-by-project basis, be able to work from almost any site, and produce results. The term has been borrowed from musicians who would work at a single location for one night and then move on to the next.

Many in the Gig Economy have a high level of creativity, emotional intelligence, or other unique skill sets. In the age of automation, some skilled workers fear for their jobs, however the skills of a Gig Economy professional are unlikely to be automated anytime soon. As skilled professionals move into this Gig Economy, they are free to utilize technology to work from anywhere. In contrast, a factory worker typically must be inside the factory to produce their product. The Gig professionals are offering a specialized trade or skill set that they can take on as a time-limited project from any location.

With the Internet offering so many marketing opportunities, many Gig professionals are using this outlet to build their client base and their businesses. Utilizing cost-effective, social media and online networking platforms, the Internet has empowered all of us entering the Gig Economy to embrace the technology — not be scared of being replaced by it.

Surveys and articles about this economy are reporting the Gig professionals have higher job satisfaction. The ability to make more money on average through negotiating pricing for personal branding, skill level, and time commitment for each project, means business owners take control of what they do and how they are compensated for their work.

With all that said, I have jumped into the deep end of the Gig Economy pool. As this economy grows and evolves, it should provide people like me with a chance at flexible employment to allow them to have a better work/life balance.

Lenor Ryan has spent more than a decade marketing and promoting a variety of brands. As one of the founders of Branding Alliance, it has been her goal to create experiential events to share products and services with thousands of people. This face-to-face event promotion style has made many opportunities for brands to be more open and connected to the consumer. Lenor invites you to follow her on Facebook at The Branding Alliance or via twitter @LenorRyan. Read more from her on the blog at BrandingAlliance.net. Contact Lenor at Lenor@BrandingAlliance.net.

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